Live from the Luxury Shuttle!

I'm heading down to Portland for the weekend to celebrate Passover with my family.  I usually take the train, but Amtrak's schedule didn't really work for me this time so I had to investigate other options.  So now I'm riding down to Portland on Shuttle Express' luxury van.  There's wi-fi, six comfortable seats, free beverages and lunchables, a dvd playing swooping shots of scenic Washington, and a courtesy phone to call the driver, (just pick it up and press this little white button).

The ride's a little bumpy, but otherwise it's been an enjoyable experience so far.  I only have to share the six seats with one other guy, so I've been taking up as much space as I can.  Having wi-fi on the road is a fun experience too.  I've already video chatted with some people, and now I'm posting a geecast- it doesn't get any better than this!

One hour down.  Two to go!
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Greetings from the van!
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