Apparently, I like donuts (and kazoos)

Last night I happened to catch the tail end of Donut Paradise on the Travel Channel.  The show profiled some of the more unusual/delicious donut establishments in the country, from Spudnut in Richland, WA, (who make doughnuts out of potato flour) to VooDoo Doughnut in my hometown of Portland, Oregon, (who not only crank out a unique array of doughnuts, but also perform weddings in store).  Of the five stores that I saw on the show, I had been too three of them!  I never knew how much I liked doughnuts, but I guess I do have an appreciation for the pastry.  Now I sort of want to visit all the other stores they profiled...  I may start with a repeat visit to Top Pot Doughnuts, which is just down the street.  Are there any great doughnut shops in your neighborhood?

And in kazoo news- check out this story that was on NBC NIghtly News last night.
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